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Noon Moon Events, a premier wedding planning company in India, founded by Simran Bhatia a decade ago, has evolved into a thriving enterprise specializing in crafting exquisite weddings and corporate events. From bespoke themed weddings to grand corporate gatherings, NME ensures an unforgettable planning journey mirroring the desired destination. Their adept team, fueled by unwavering commitment, curates exceptional experiences tailored to each client's distinct vision.

Renowned for their expertise in destination weddings, NME offers comprehensive services encompassing vendor coordination, flawless execution, and event management. Bolstered by an unwavering pursuit of quality, they transcend event planning boundaries, embracing sustainable concepts to breathe life into every occasion. Proficient in both corporate events and wedding planning, NME meticulously designs each facet, from bespoke stationery to captivating entertainment.

Championing excellence, personalization, meticulousness, and innovation, NME creates indelible memories. As trendsetters, they draw inspiration from diverse realms like art, fashion, and design, infusing fresh ideas into weddings. With imaginative concepts, inventive designs, and distinctive themes, NME orchestrates extraordinary celebrations, leaving an enduring imprint.


Where better to celebrate the beginning of your married life together, than here at The Bishopa's Palace and Gardens in Wells.Whether your arrival is by car or a relaxed stroll across the drawbridge, a
Embark on a journey of enchantment with Pooja and Tanay's destination wedding in the royal city of Jaipur, India. Picture this: a Rajasthani-themed ceremony, a burst of colors and cultural allure, followed by a Sangeet adorned with shimmering disco balls, transporting you to the vibrant '70s. The wedding itself, set against Jaipur's majestic backdrop, is a pastel paradise where tradition dances with contemporary elegance. Amid the grandeur of Jaipur's landscapes, their celebration weaves love, tradition, and modernity into an exquisite tapestry, creating memories as splendid as the destination itself.
In the enchanting realm of Rajasthan, Nikita and Ashray's wedding unfolded like a captivating story woven with vibrant threads. From the very beginning, their celebrations were a masterpiece of creativity. Imagine a Haldi ceremony that bloomed with a multicolor theme, infusing the air with exuberance. The Mehendi transformed into a tropical oasis, alive with playful flamingo motifs and joy. As twilight descended, the Sangeet emerged as a starry night, alive with music and dance. The crescendo was a wedding adorned with bougainvillaea and rustic elements, capturing the essence of enduring love. Against Rajasthan's majestic backdrop, their celebration was not just a wedding, but a symphony orchestrated with the finesse of wedding planning in Jaipur.
Jassie and Harjang's wedding in Rajasthan was like a beautiful storybook. First, they had a jungle-themed Mehendi, surrounded by nature's charm. Then, their Sangeet was like stepping into the classic tale of Devdas, full of grace and nostalgia. The wedding itself was soft and serene with pastel shades, like a dream come true. Lastly, the reception was all about elegance in black and gold. With Rajasthan's grand heritage as a backdrop, their wedding was a blend of traditions and modern touches, creating memories that will last a lifetime.


When it comes to planning your dream wedding, choosing a theme sets the tone for your special day. From timeless classics like Vintage Romance and Rustic Charm to unique ideas such as Royal or Rajasthani themes, selecting the perfect theme reflects your personality and creates unforgettable moments that you and your guests will cherish.

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What Our Client Say

We connected with Simran through a distant relative and I couldn’t be more grateful for having Noon Moon Events as our wedding planner. Identifying and trusting a reliable wedding planner is really difficult, particularly if you don’t live in India and don’t already know someone through contacts. Add to that a destination wedding in Jaipur and you’re truly in for a ride. Our process of finding a planner had been quite stressful, and the moment we got off the introductory call with Simran, we experienced the biggest sense of relief and excitement to continue planning the wedding of our dreams. She shines through her confidence, commitment, transparency, creativity, eye for design, and flexibility - qualities that remained consistent in every interaction we had with her. She is extremely organized in the way she conducts calls and shares information. She also tells it to you like it is, doing a really great job of managing and meeting expectations. We started connecting with her team members closer to the wedding week, and I only have good things to say about them as well. The entire team is friendly, responsive, and just a pleasure to collaborate with.
Anuja Godbole
Wedding 12/12/19
Ayushi and Sarthak Sangeet Picture

What Our Client Say

We made the best decision by booking Noon Moon Events as our wedding planners for our wedding in February 2023 at Chomu Palace in Jaipur. They were super patient throughout the planning process and even during our wedding day. They had a quick turnaround time when it came to answering calls, emails, changes and concerns. We were beyond satisfied with the attention to detail in the design and execution of everything. Yuvraj deserves special recognition for being available 24/7 and taking care of everything we needed, from arranging travel for our makeup artists to coordinating with photographers and getting our clothes ironed at the last minute. His assistance was invaluable. Also, special thanks to Simran whose expertise and creative flair is second to none. Her creative ideas added an extra special touch to our wedding. It was a pleasure working with her. We highly recommend Noon Moon Events, and we believe everyone needs a Simran and Yuvraj for their special day.
Ayushi and Sarthak
Wedding 16/02/2023
Nikita And Edouard Wedding Photo

What Our Client Say

The best in class, full of kindness and professionalism

The Noon Moon team has been so critical in bringing our wedding imagination to life. Simran worked with us on a very short timeline. She is very detailed oriented and clearly understood who we are and what we want. It’s a very small team but so dedicated. Yuvraj has been great second hand.
Overall thanks a million to Simran’s leadership and the whole team for the brilliant support and execution.
Nikita And Edouard
Wedding 03/03/2023
Sakshi and Alay

What Our Client Say

Dear Noon-Moon Events team,

Thank you so much for helping us make the wedding of our children Sakshi and Alay in Jodhpur such a memorable event!

We genuinely appreciate your help and support in the vendor selection process and in creating a credible delivery plan. Throughout the process the NME team was fully engaged in convergence of thoughts and ideas from both the parents and in taking care of bride and groom preferences. In the end it was a flawless delivery and plans were well executed in a copy-book style.

The décor was a real wow factor! Our special thanks to the NME team as the praise for décor was echoed in guest comments several times during and after the event – each set-up was unique and spectacular! Barring some initial hiccups, which were actively taken care of by NME team, the logistics arrangement ran quite smoothly and communication was well managed.

Well done team NME for an everlasting memory of the event that left our guests extremely satisfied. Special thanks to Sachin for perfect execution of décor, Saloni for her tireless effort in creating the designs for invitations and other stationery, Vaidhee for taking charge of logistics, Yuvraj for taking care of vendors and helping with the accounts and last but not the least, Simran for overall leadership in keeping the entire process under control.

Both Vora and Rathi family wish NME team all the best for their future endeavours.

Mr & Mrs Vora (Alay’s Parents)
Mr & Mrs Rathi (Sakshi’s Parents)
Shalini Rathi
Bride's Mother
Ambrai Ghat Udaipur
21 February 2024
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